June 8, 2006

Random World Cup Facts: England

Posted in Football (soccer) at 5:39 pm by deadlymusings

Times Qualified: 12

Best Finish: Winners (1966)

YouTube Clip: A collection of England highlights from a Spurs fan.

Football in England: The English Premier League is often billed as the Best League in the World. With players from all across the globe, the standard of play is undoubtedly high and fast paced. The pace has led to questions over the tactical awareness of players in the league, particularly those English players with almost no experience of playing abroad. There are two foreign based players in the squad for the World Cup with the rest of the squad a mix of veterans of Premiership action and promising young players.

Players to Watch: Peter Crouch (Liverpool) It is cliche to say that he has good touch for a big man. The 6'7" striker is the only forward in the squad without fitness concerns and more top division appearances than me, although his dance moves leave plenty to be desired.

Steven Gerrard (Liverpool) has fitness concerns of his own over a back injury. Two years of almost continuous action have taken a toll on the talismanic midfielder. And there's also this Wayne Rooney (Manchester United) guy who I've heard is quite good.
Chances: England look like contenders to win this on the quality of their first eleven. With little depth at any position, England are more likely than any of the other top teams to fall apart.

Prediction: They advance quite easily from the group, but they fall in the quarterfinals.


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