July 24, 2006

Euro 2008 Qualification Preview: Group C

Posted in Euro 2008 at 8:34 pm by deadlymusings

The Qualification Preview continues with a group that contains nations that punched above their weight in the recent past, but is wide open anyway.

The Fodder: Malta is well a nice place to take a vacation and Moldova is a good place to take one if you have been kidnapped.

Will Walk This Group: No one, any of the other teams including Hungary have a chance to win this group.

The Battle For the Top Two: Bosnia came very close to qualifying for the World Cup so they should not be discounted. Greece are the holders of the trophy, so that may give them an extra boost in qualification. Hungary are not an elite side, but in this group they can give anyone a game. Norway have never lost to Brazil, and as one of the stronger teams in the group will be expected to do well. Turkey are probably the strongest side on paper, but all of their home games will be played at neutral sites due to a FIFA imposed ban.

Group Prediction:



  1. nedim said,

    f*** no man Bosnia 1st!

  2. George said,

    Ainte gamisou kolobosne tha sas gamisoume olous

  3. oleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee hellas +=

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