August 28, 2006

Euro 2008 Qualification Preview: Group D

Posted in Euro 2008 at 11:08 pm by deadlymusings

Well after a month, and the actual matches beginning soon, it was probably a good idea to continue this.

The Fodder: San Marino, Cyprus, Wales, Slovakia. San Marino have never won a competitive match, Cyprus is another nice vacation destination, Slovakia has not made an impact since independance and Wales are capping players in League Two.

Will Walk This Group: No one. The remaining three nations are close enough to make this a real battle for the two advancing spots.

The Top Two Battle: The Czech Republic looked pretty good at the World Cup against the United States only to crap the bed against Ghana and Italy. The same choking ability may see them miss out. Germany were semifinalists as hosts, but many feel they overachieved. They should still go through, however. The Republic of Ireland has looked excellent in their buildup friendlies and may pull off qualification.

Group Prediction:
Czech Republic
San Marino



  1. John Tillmann said,

    Germany will qualify for Euro 2008…no problem. The Mannschaft are the masters at getting through and I think the best team in the world! Bravo Germany for winning bronze (3rd place) at the 2006 World Cup in Berlin Germany.

  2. It certainly is looking good for them now after the 13-0 win, but they frankly should have beat Ireland by more. At this point, it looks like Germany and the Czech Republic will qualify easily.

  3. John Tillmann said,

    Just a comment from Miller Lake, Fall River, Nova Scotia, Canada…….concerning international Football (soccer)…………the teams Netherlands and England will never be able to match the Germans, for quality, determination, skill and guts…. they’re just not strong enough. The better genetics of the German will always prevail.

    John Tillmann

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