September 19, 2006

How to Get Caught Lying to a Team You Want to Leave

Posted in Eredivisie, J-League at 3:11 pm by deadlymusings

Sota HirayamaThis was in the news item last week, but I felt it was worth further examination.

Japanese striker Sota Hirayama wanted to go back to Japan to play in the J-League. There was just one problem, he was a key striker for Dutch Eredivisie side Heracles Almalo. Not the most attractive place to be playing for sure, but that contract was preventing him from leaving.

So he hatched a plan. He told the club that he wanted to go back to Japan to finish his college work. Heracles eventually relented and Hirayama hopped on a plane back to his homeland.

A few days later, he agreed terms on a contract with J-League side FC Tokyo, but he forgot one thing. Heracles had not yet officially terminated his contract. Eventually, Heracles let him join his new club after agreeing a fee, but this should teach any unhappy player a lesson. Make sure your contact has been terminated before you do something like join another club.


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