September 20, 2006

Everyone Seems to Hate on Zlatan

Posted in Euro 2008, Serie A at 9:23 pm by deadlymusings

Zlatan IbrahimovicIn the weeks after being kicked out of the Sweden squad before a Euro 2008 qualifier against Liechtenstein, Zlatan Ibrahimovic has repeatedly come out against playing for his country in the immediate future. Could he really be so upset about the punishment for violating a curfew that the feelings would linger this long? Could he be putting off his international career to try to find the form he had many moons ago?

More likely playing for Sweden is really just boring for him. Playing against Latvia, Liechtenstein and Northern Ireland is beneath him. Just like Henrik Larsson, he will probably say he wants to play for Sweden again right before the European Championships.

On the other hand, the Swedish FA probably overreacted a bit. If they were playing Spain the next day, they probably have every right to force the curfew because preparation is vital. However, it was Liechtenstein and they saw a chance to lay down some punishment with no chance of it costing them on the pitch. Quite frankly, they should have known that Zlatan would react in the way he has.

Well it gives them a chance to find someone who can take their place, or it could cost Lars Lagerback his job.


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