October 4, 2006

If Only What People Said To the Media Was True…

Posted in Euro 2008 at 4:52 pm by deadlymusings

Then everyone would win with the nation’s star player scoring five times.

Yes it is an international week, and that means not much is going on in terms of anything really. The week preceding the weekend fixture is filled with players giving team talking points about certain players regaining international form, or how great a job their manager is doing. Nevermind the fact they will turn their backs on him once he is sacked for never being able to beat a certain Brazilian manager, everything is about unity.

So today, the England squad are focusing on the play of Wayne Rooney and to a lesser extent Frank Lampard’s inability to score deflected goals for his country. Peter Crouch stated that Rooney was looking to “prove a few people wrong.” I’m sure there might be three people out there that think Rooney isn’t good enough for England, but those people aren’t really worth the time.

After putting the fans behind the goals in Germany under a barrage of mishit shots, Lampard wants to prove his critics wrong. The Chelsea midfielder appears to be regaining some form, but it is not as though his place in the starting eleven is under threat. Scott Parker might be touted as an option, but there is no real chance he is dropped by Steve McClaren.

And finally, the guy who does not sing the national anthem, Gary Neville, said that it is a joke that England hasn’t won anything in over 40 years. Maybe, the joke is on him for buying into the media hype.


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