The Unofficial World Club Championship History

Thanks to the lovely people at the RSSSF, I was able to trace this championship from the 2000 FIFA World Club Championship. This date was chosen because it was the first tournament in which a club from every confederation was represented. Now there is probably someone working on a similar history going back to the first FA Cup final, or Preston North End winning the inaugural Football League title, but this will suffice for now.

Date Club Competition
1/14/2000 Corinthians FIFA Club World Championship
1/23/2000 Fluminense Rio-Sao Paulo State Championship
1/27/2000 Vasco da Gama Rio-Sao Paulo State Championship
2/5/2000 Palmeiras Rio-Sao Paulo State Championship
3/16/2000 El Nacional Copa Libertadores
4/13/2000 Palmeiras Copa Libertadores
5/3/2000 Penarol Copa Libertadores
5/10/2000 Palmeiras Copa Libertadores
5/31/2000 Corinthians Copa Libertadores
6/1/2000 Botafogo Brazilian Cup
6/15/2000 Cruzeiro Brazilian Cup
7/30/2000 Atletico Paranaense Copa Joao Havelange
8/2/2000 Bahia Copa Joao Havelange
8/23/2000 Cruzeiro Copa Joao Havelange
9/19/2000 Independiente Copa Mercosur
9/27/2000 Palmeiras Copa Mercosur
10/18/2000 Cruzeiro Copa Joao Havelange
11/1/2000 Palmeiras Copa Mercosur
12/3/2000 Sao Caetano Copa Joao Havelange
1/13/2001 Vasco da Gama Copa Joao Havelange
1/17/2001 Sao Paulo Rio-Sao Paulo State Championship
1/25/2001 Fluminense Rio-Sao Paulo State Championship
2/14/2001 Sao Paulo Rio-Sao Paulo State Championship
5/16/2001 Gremio Brazilian Cup
8/2/2001 Atletico Paranaense Brazilian League
8/18/2001 Sao Paulo Brazilian League
9/2/2001 Bahia Brazilian League
9/23/2001 Santos Brazilian League
9/29/2001 Parana Brazilian League
10/2/2001 America Brazilian League
10/6/2001 Ponte Preta Brazilian League
10/10/2001 Atletico Paranaense Brazilian League
11/10/2001 Juventude Brazilian League
11/15/2001 Ponte Preta Brazilian League
12/5/2001 Fluminense Brazilian Championship Playoffs
12/9/2001 Atletico Paranaense Brazilian Championship Playoffs
2/5/2002 Bolivar Copa Libertadores
2/28/2002 Olmedo Copa Libertadores
3/2/2002 Aucas Ecuadorian Apertura
3/16/2002 Deportivo Quito Ecuadorian Apertura
3/23/2002 El Nacional Ecuadorian Apertura
4/23/2002 Emelec Ecuadorian Apertura
5/5/2002 Aucas Ecuadorian Apertura
5/19/2002 Barcelona Ecuadorian Apertura
6/30/2002 Deportivo Quito Ecuadorian Clausura
10/13/2002 Barcelona Ecuadorian Clausura
11/3/2002 El Nacional Ecuadorian League Final
11/9/2002 LDU Ecuadorian League Final
11/17/2002 Emelec Ecuadorian League Final
12/4/2002 El Nacional Ecuadorian League Final
12/22/2002 Deportivo Quito Ecuadorian League Final
3/8/2003 Manta FC Ecuadorian Apertura
3/16/2003 Aucas Ecuadorian Apertura
3/23/2003 Deportivo Quito Ecuadorian Apertura
3/30/2003 Tecnico Universitario Ecuadorian Apertura
5/4/2003 Espoli Ecuadorian Apertura
5/11/2003 Aucas Ecuadorian Apertura
5/18/2003 Tecnico Universitario Ecuadorian Apertura
5/23/2003 Deportivo Quito Ecuadorian Apertura
6/22/2003 Barcelona Ecuadorian Apertura
6/29/2003 Deportivo Quito Ecuadorian Clausura
7/13/2003 Espoli Ecuadorian Clausura
7/20/2003 LDU Ecuadorian Clausura
7/27/2003 Barcelona Ecuadorian Clausura
7/29/2003 LDU Copa Sudamericana First Round
8/6/2003 Deportivo Quito Ecuadorian Clausura
8/9/2003 Manta FC Ecuadorian Clausura
8/16/2003 Deportivo Quito Ecuadorian Clausura
9/20/2003 Emelec Ecuadorian Clausura
9/24/2003 Tecnico Universitario Ecuadorian Clausura
9/28/2003 Deportivo Cuenca Ecuadorian Clausura
10/5/2003 Barcelona Ecuadorian Clausura
10/19/2003 LDU Ecuadorian League Final
11/30/2003 Emelec Ecuadorian League Final
12/5/2003 Deportivo Cuence Ecuadorian League Final
12/10/2003 LDU Ecuadorian League Final
12/21/2003 Barcelona Ecuadorian League Final
2/8/2004 Deportivo Quito Ecuadorian Apertura
2/18/2004 El Nacional Ecuadorian Apertura
2/22/2004 Emelec Ecuadorian Apertura
2/27/2004 Deportivo Quito Ecuadorian Apertura
3/6/2004 Espoli Ecuadorian Apertura
3/14/2004 Emelec Ecuadorian Apertura
4/11/2004 LDU Ecuadorian Apertura
4/21/2004 Deportivo Cuenca Ecuadorian Apertura
5/23/2004 El Nacional Ecuadorian Apertura
6/13/2004 Barcelona Ecuadorian Clausura
6/20/2004 LDU Ecuadorian Clausura
6/23/2004 Macara Ecuadorian Clausura
6/27/2004 Olmedo Ecuadorian Clausura
8/1/2004 El Nacional Ecuadorian Clausura
8/8/2004 Deportivo Quito Ecuadorian Clausura
9/8/2004 Deportivo Cuenca Ecuadorian Clausura
9/18/2004 LDU Ecuadorian Clausura
9/24/2004 Barcelona Ecuadorian Clausura
10/1/2004 El Nacional Ecuadorian Clausura
10/23/2004 Deportivo Cuenca Ecuadorian League Final
12/4/2004 Barcelona Ecuadorian League Final
12/8/2004 Olmedo Ecuadorian League Final
2/20/2005 Deportivo Quito Ecuadorian Apertura
2/27/2005 Aucas Ecuadorian Apertura
4/3/2005 El Nacional Ecuadorian Apertura
4/23/2005 Emelec Ecuadorian Apertura
5/1/2005 Deportico Cuenca Ecuadorian Apertura
5/4/2005 Boca Juniors Copa Libertadores
5/8/2005 Argentinos Juniors Argentinian Clausura
5/15/2005 Gimnasia La Plata Argentinian Clausura
8/7/2005 Boca Juniors Argentinian Apertura
9/7/2005 San Lorenzo Argentinian Apertura
9/25/2005 Instituto Argentinian Apertura
10/1/2005 Argentinos Juniors Argentinian Apertura
10/14/2005 Gimnasia y Esgrima de Jujuy Argentinian Apertura
10/30/2005 Velez Sarsfield Argentinian Apertura
11/6/2005 Estudiantes de La Plata Argentinian Apertura
11/20/2005 Olimpo Argentinian Apertura
11/27/2005 Independiente Argentinian Apertura
12/11/2005 Boca Juniors Argentinian Apertura
1/29/2006 Gimnasia y Esgrima de Jujuy Argentinian Apertura
2/8/2006 River Plate Argentinian Apertura
2/16/2006 Libertad Copa Libertadores
2/19/2006 2 de Mayo Paraguayan Apertura
3/4/2006 Luqueno Paraguayan Apertura
3/12/2006 Fernando de la Mora Paraguayan Apertura
3/19/2006 3 de Februero Paraguayan Apertura
3/25/2006 Olimpia Paraguayan Apertura
4/15/2006 2 de Mayo Paraguayan Apertura
4/26/2006 12 de Octubre Paraguayan Apertura
5/5/2006 Luqueno Paraguayan Apertura
5/27/2006 Cerro Porteno Paraguayan Apertura
8/23/2006 Libertad Copa Sudamericana First Round
8/26/2006 Nacional Paraguayan Clausura
9/24/2006 Cerro Porteno Paraguayan Clausura

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